After more than 20 years of professional experience with international, national and local institutions, I have decided to put my skills directly to the service of artistic and cultural players. In these difficult times, it is essential to be able to help and open up to new dimensions.

As a specialist in international artistic and cultural relationships, thanks to my experience, networks and contacts, I can put you in touch with the good partner(s) or artist(s) in other European, Balkan or Mediterranean countries, identify funding for your projects, set up your application files, train your team to manage a future international cooperation project.

Every cultural organization is unique, and as I am a true connaisseur of the different artistic worlds I could quickly understand your needs and adapt my proposals with very favorable terms for you.

My approach … Always start from you, your ideas, your projects, so as to consider the feasibility of moving towards internationalization, with never any risk that your development might be jeopardized. I always prefer to say NO and not waste our time and energy unnecessarily.


The various services I’m  offering, although not intended to be exhaustive, are:

  • Strategic consulting, support and guidance for any international project;
  • Looking for financial support for your international projects:
  • Being able to handle your support request files, either on the basis of a  re-reading, or as regards their partial or complete writing;
  • Assistance in connecting you with organizations in other countries to set up networks or partnerships;
  • Identification of locations, abroad, which could host your performances: through a direct contact or the  support of  the whole process up to the signing of the distribution agreement;
  • Training your internal teams to prepare for the management, the administrative and financial coordination, the practical conduct of the partnership, the intercultural dimension … of the future international project…


After studying law and political science and a short stint at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I joined the Ministry of Culture and Communication. For 4 years, I headed the Brussels office with the mission of identifying sources of European funding, defending priority issues and supporting project leaders. I had the opportunity to work at 2 French Presidencies of the European Union on important topics such as cultural planning of the territory or Euro-Mediterranean relations. Back in Paris as an advisor for European and international affairs, I worked on various important issues for the ministry such as the creation of the Heritage Foundation or the reduction of the VAT rate on the record.

Having the voluntary to work closely with projects and cultural actors, I decided to leave Paris for Marseille. With the support of the PACA Regional Council and other public authorities, we have created an NGO made available to all cultural operators wishing to develop and support European and international projects. For almost 15 years, in PACA and also in Languedoc-Roussillon, my team and I have met, advised and helped, often successfully, the holders of regional projects. In 2007, we created a Euro-Mediterranean network, still in activity, EUROMEDINCULTURE(s), bringing together more than 30 organizations in more than 20 different countries of Europe and the Mediterranean, to carry out projects of operational meetings and to help identify partners. The network has also actively worked on the mobility of young artists. For 2 years, the regional association has been the leader of the French national network of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures.

Associate Professor at the University of Avignon, I also teach every year at the University of Montpellier, Aix-Marseille and regional agencies for long or short training.

Since more than 4 years, I live between the Balkans and Western Europe. After one year in Albania where I led a prefiguration mission for the transformation of a former military site into cultural centre, I live now between Bulgaria and, mainly, France. I provide advice and support to companies, ensembles, associations, artists … in the process of internationalization of their projects, as an independent consultant.


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